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It’s not hard to see the problems in Shasta County. You can see people sleeping on the streets, on park benches and in the woods. But living a new life seems impossible when someone hasn’t eaten and is focused on trying to
find food and just survive.

Photo of Lindsey

From Homeless and Addicted to Clean and Working

When Doug, Micoa and their kids celebrate Christmas and our Savior’s birth in a few weeks, it will probably look a lot like my family’s celebration, or yours.

But the Furr family’s steps weren’t always leading in a good direction. They were both born into cycles of addiction and were statistically likely to continue that cycle with their children until they came to the Good News Rescue Mission.

Micoa’s only childhood Christmas memory is of trying to celebrate the holiday in a small motel room after her mother’s addiction left them without a house. As she got older, she followed the only example she knew and was deep in addiction herself by her 18th birthday. Soon, her addiction consumed every part of her—she was homeless, moving from couch to couch at friends’ houses.

When Doug was 17, his older brother who he trusted and looked up to introduced him to drugs. His life spiraled out of control—soon he was homeless and surrounded by others also in addiction.

“I was sleeping in backyards, train tracks, laundry rooms,” Doug remembers.

Neither Doug nor Micoa could see a way out of the homelessness, addiction and hopelessness they were in.

They came to the Good News Rescue Mission at different times, but both their lives were changed and never the same.

At the mission, Lindsey found the support and help she needed to overcome her addiction, regain custody of her children and build a new future. She's enrolled in college, earning a degree in early childhood education and working at a preschool.

“When I walked in…I knew this is where my life was going to change.” - Micoa

Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness and Addiction

Doug and Micoa met after they graduated from the recovery program, have been married for more than 15 years and have two boys. They both have good jobs using skills they learned at the Mission.

You can Help One Here and give other men and women the gift of a life off the street with your gift today!

Together, we can make a huge impact in Shasta County.

While none of us can fix the problems of homelessness alone, each of us can help at least one person. That person can go on to help one more, who helps one, who helps another one. Let’s change people’s lives.

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Each $2.25 meal makes a difference! When you join Help One Here, you’ll provide men and women with the tools they need that can lead to a changed life. Best of all, you’ll be sharing God’s love.